Are0h dropped this 2020 Sep Thu 24

Photo by David Asumah

The Project

Bassey Ikpi is a multi-talented creative that needed a logo for a project she wanted to get off the ground that showcases her work, thoughts, ideas, etc.

The goal was to create something distinctive, unique but wholly approachable that could be used on virtually anything.


Ms. Ikpi asked me to help her conceptualize a brand that was simple and easy to understand but was expressive in a way that related to her demeanor and posture as an artist and writer.

The new branding would be text-based, so I began the process by digging into some typefaces that I thought would serve as a solid base. Once a typeface was selected, I experimented with letterforms to make the type visually interesting while remaining legible and easy to identify. The final result was distinctive and memorable without being overwhelming.


I primarily stuck with vector-based software tools, floating between Graphic and Illustrator. For stickier design challenges, I broke out pen and paper, the old faithful. The final result was delivered in EPS format to give the client as much flexibility as possible without losing resolution.

base colors base colors

red background alternate colors

dark double layout experiment