rest by any means necessary

Are0h dropped this 2021 Oct Wed 27

If there was one piece of advice I could give my younger self, it's always, ALWAYS gets your rest. There will always be another server fault to fix, or a misfiring post request, or a color that doesn't perfectly match the design spec. There is always something to do in the web development game. It is an unending list of tasks and improvements.

But you are not. You need rest, food, water, sleep, and (when you can get it, LOL) love and affection. Your wellness should never ever take a back seat to the needs you have as a thinking, living, breathing human being.

So while I am very grateful you are reading this entry, I want you to close this tab right now and go get some water and/or some food if you are hungry. Go watch something that brings you joy (I recommend this, but I'm into dark shit so use your best judgement, haha). And tell someone that you really dig them.

Get your rest, beloveds. You're worth it. Verily.